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Remy gets tested for allergies after a big scare at home with peanuts. (fall 2020)

I gave the kids a mid-morning snack of apples and peanut butter. It was the first time, I realized, that I'd given Remy peanut butter. Within seconds, he had hives all over his face and his eye swelled shut and he began grabbing his tongue. I'm thankful that the pandemic has forced Kevin to work from him as I yelled out to him while I ran for the Benedryl and phone. I flooded the baby with liquid benedryl and we're thankful it took just a few minutes to bring down the reaction while we maintained his calm and verified an open airway. Needless to say... when things calmed down we took him to UCSF. He was lucky. A few days later the allergist informed us that he is allergic to most tree nuts and has a severe allergy to peanuts. We are going to work with UCSF (somehow, not sure) during the pandemic to continue working on slowly introducing nuts into his diet to build up tolerance. In the meantime... NO PEANUTS. We've suddenly become very informed on ingredients and potential exposures in unlikely foods.

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