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I've often wonder if all the benevolence of the world could be poured into a creature, had it already been poured into Paulie?

This little YorkiePoo/Shih Tzu mix is the gentlest, happiest creature. He is as dedicated and loyal to his humans, especially his human children, as any top notch service-man.


We made the decision to adopt Paulie as a way to allow our Senior dog at the time, to retire, and enjoy her golden years without the pressure of being a pet to growing toddlers. We searched for months for the right combination of attributes in a dog and the patience paid off. The mop of fluff we met was slightly timid but quick to warm. One moment stood out in my memory from our first first few meetings at Green Dog Rescue and has repeated itself over and over during Paulie's tenure as "kid concierge". When he felt that moment of trust sink in, he looked straight into my eyes and put a paw on my leg. 

In the few years we've enjoyed him, he has been a devout friend and comfort to my children, especially my two girls. He will race to their side at the slightest sense of distress in their voices, regardless of the depth of nap or mouthful he may be in. He runs to them, looks into their eyes and lays the worlds tiniest paw on them to assure them, that he's there, he's got them.

He is very intelligent and learns quickly. He yearns to be loved and gives an intense love in return. He has bonded deeply with my children and I've found him, escaped from his crate and sleeping in their beds at night. His patience while they play with him, dress him up, squeeze and hold him is unbelievable. He greets everyone with the enthusiasm one would have after decades of missing someone. His faithfulness is so deep that he stays at your side, off leash, without ever having the training to do so. He is a ball of tender, attentive, dedicated love. 

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