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Maynard James Kennedy

We adopted Maynard in 2012.

This handsome boy is captivating to look at but grumpy and stubborn. 

With velvety floppy ears and spotted silky coat, this Jack Russel/Beagle mix is a delight to the eyes. He's barrel chested and muscled like a boxing ring champ and his swagger as he walks is confident and purposeful. Despite his low to the ground profile and heft, he's agile and quick and his eyes are bright, and intelligent. Fortunately/Unfortunately, all his beauty and charm are balanced by a intolerant and irritable nature. 

Even as a puppy, "Maynie", as adorable as he was, was a mixed bag of growls and noisy threats. His list of approved humans is short and his tolerance of humans, even shorter. Finding a spot on his body where he likes to be pet is akin to searching for the lost Ark of the Covenant. When the

spot is finally found you can briefly see him enter doggie-nirvana, only to seconds later

spite you for having done so and begin his tirade of doggy growls and whiny


The energy he has is spent in spurts chasing either his brother, Paulie,

around the backyard, or chasing sunbeams and sunny spots where

he can drift into a nap.  Maynard's only true love in this world is his

preferred human, Kevin. 

Kevin spent thousands of dollars trying to train Maynie basic dog skills.

He learned quickly that Maynard didn't lack intelligence, he is just

apathetic and unimpressed by humans.  Unlike typical dogs  motivated

by the desire to please his owner or obtain some form of treat, Maynard

follows commands when he pleases. Otherwise you can see the concerted

effort, in his eyes, to purposefully ignore you. All-in-all, the money spent training

Maynard benefitted humanity more than he as those who've been lucky to call

ourselves part of his human cohort, learned to see his stubbornness as endearing,

as say, one would find in a grumpy old grandpa.

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