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Getting ready for the elections and most likely some neighborly bad looks...

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Thankfully, Tracy is mostly a blue city as it has the greatest influx of bay area techies looking for affordable homes with a little land. Last year, the central valley turned surprisingly blue as a whole. Still... based on some of the Q signage we've seen around just in our neighborhood, I'm sure I'm setting us up for some interesting days ahead. Again, coming from a very politically involved family some of my earliest memories were of my mom and dad working at the DNC conventions or various campaigns, going door to door to "get out the vote", and working the census. Mom may have had 5 children but she always found time to inform us of what was going on and teach us our responsibility to our community and world around us. My childhood memories also involved being very much on the "wrong side" of our parishes politics, and having the neighbors egg our house or cram strawberries into our homes stucco in Southern California because of our left leaning political signage. The girls are learning the basics of civics but we're definitely stressing respect and general awareness of what's going on in the world around them.

click on the link to see more about the days events.

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