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Election Signs are Up!

The girls have been listening to the news with us for a few years now, as much as Kids can. It's no wonder why they're a little excited about our signs.

One special little story... Young William Meutzenberger, running for Tracy City Council was canvassing our neighborhood one afternoon while we were washing our van. He came over to chat and we broke into a conversation... I knew very little about him and I wanted to understand his endorsements, etc. It was great to hear that an originally poor kid from Tracy had made it to UCLA and RETURNED to Tracy to pursue a political future. Simone immediately entered the conversation. Within a few minutes, William was so impressed with her understanding on the current political climate that he asked her when she would run for office! LOL. Giselle then informed him that she her sister would likely become the first woman president. William told both girls that he promised that if he could, he'd work for them. It was an adorable exchange. So proud of my girls.

As an aside, you can see how smoky our air was that day.

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